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6 . Many other brands, such as the British Nag (ENICAR), Rome (ROAMER), Raymond Weil (RAYMONDWEIL) and so on, nothing more to say, Watches just watch it, neither prominent shortcomings, nothing can praise the .

There are also good. Of course you can not remember , but you know :

1 Glashütte . (GLASHUTTE ORIGINAL - GO). And Lange (A. LANGE & SOEHN) , as are produced in the eastern German town of Glashütte near Magdeburg . Both brands represent the highest level of Watches German watchmaking industry, but also let the world know not only the manufacture of high -quality talent in Switzerland will meter . GO

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Lange watchmaking route and basically the same , that only mechanical watches , but the difference is slight , GO is not only precious metal watch, also made of stainless steel products , and therefore the price of some models are relatively cheaper, but most are more than a few million .

2 JUVENIA (JUVENIA). Jewelry watches for women known to design more innovative , creative , good at using a lot of diamonds and precious stones , basically not very suitable for men ...... Oh ! However, I have seen a JUVENIA specially crafted "Tourbillon " (TOURBILLON) men's watch , 18K gold case, hollow design, black alligator strap , very beautiful, but expensive , and the hollow form is only suitable for collection , less suitable for everyday wear.

3 Concord (CONCORD). Very unassuming Swiss watches, watches mainly for the production of precious metals , more Watches traditional marketing strategies , but the quality was superb , and the design is very beautiful, I 've seen a rose gold black alligator belt Concord , really PP! Its price is relatively high-pitched , almost with GO and other brands , but not most malls appear significant .

4 Poway (BOVET). Old Swiss brand , once the darling of the late Qing Wang Gonggui people , time is known for its watch . For many years , probably nearly half a century , Poway disappeared in mainland China, until last year and comeback in the Chinese market. Poway has a very unique design, it is not the first adjustment pattern provided on all the other sides of the watch as the dial , but on the Founder 12:00 on the dial position is the position of the lugs on first glance this is a watch, but its design is taken from the crown of the watch 's design. In addition , the surface Poway often use relatively classic design , such as the use of very precious enamel surface , mother of pearl face or mica surface , the time scale is also used retro design, such as the use of Chinese characters in ancient 12 hour mark , etc., reflect a retro elegance. Poway is very expensive, even more than most high-end watches , usually in more than ten million or more, hundreds of million of normal.

5 . Empress (DELNEAU). One in the country is very, very unknown brand , I understand not many . However , the Watches brand never said that mass production , but also was never sold any commercial organization , but will only accept clients tailored ways of ordering , and its customers rich that is expensive , mostly European , Asian royals or the super-rich . Empress according to individual customer requirements , design models specifically for customers , and in accordance with the customer's preferences and needs of different inlaid diamonds and various gemstones in the shell , but the annual output of several hundred to a thousand pieces, with the general non- visible brand .

6 . Bao Ke Li (BULGARI). In fact, a well-known jewelry brand , and later changed into watches , jewelry inlaid put their good stuff into a shell making it up, do not have to upscale upscale ah , huh, huh !

7 Bucherer (BUCHERER). BULGARI and the similar situation , in short, do not watch the original , are halfway decent person . I 've seen it several watches rose gold belt in front of a large table mall , really very beautiful attractive, the price is generally more than 7,8 million .

8 Tiffany (TIFFANY). World-renowned jeweler brand , and later entered the watch market , the price itself is not too far off the mark , a few million more than it, but the world as it is the first Patek Philippe watches specially crafted limited edition " Patek Philippe - Tiffany "(PATEK PHILIPPE.TIFFANY) but valuable, rose gold to be 20 to get a few million !

9 Montblanc (MONTBLANC). Originally the world's leading manufacturer of pen , the most classic is the " Taipan " Watches sale replica swiss pen and " Royal Bohemian " series of diamond gemstone fountain pen . About 7-8 years ago, started to engage in watch manufacturing , and joined the luxury goods giant Richemont . This in itself is a German brand , but the watch factory was located in Switzerland , so it also watches SWISS MADE. Montblanc 's " Time Walker " (TIME WALKER) series is very good, the price is generally around 1,2 million , more suitable for white-collar workers who successful career .

10. Dunhill (DUNHILL). Famous British men's clothing brand , but also cater to leather goods, lighters and tobacco products men , later joined the ranks of the watch manufacturer . All thanks to its excellent British designer TOM BOLT, the native of London who had a habit of racing and watch, put on his racing fanatic go into the watch replica watches buynewbox.comdesign for Dunhill design a lot of very innovative and unique watch.

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